18th December, 1997


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William Wallace said to his men in 1298 before the Battle of Falkirk:

'I have brought you to the ring and now you must dance.'

a novel by Bruce Leeming

Fast-moving and thought provoking, this novel brings vividly to life the constitutional dilemma facing Scotland, and indeed the United Kingdom, as the millennium approaches.

But for Willie Devine, a battling young journalist with a column on the Glasgow Recorder, there is no puzzle. He is for a truly independent Parliament in Edinburgh. Gillian MacIntyre comes from a quite different social background but she is drawn to Willie by his ideals. They fall in love.
This results in painful family division and unexpected political pressure. A terrifying incident occurs in the city. Despite all, can Willie and Gill hold together and to their convictions?

Conflicting attitudes to this vital constitutional issue are given full play in this remarkable novel. Perhaps fictional enquiry is able to reveal people's inner feelings more honestly than any number of opinion polls.

'A novel of great pace ... mirrors opinions in Scotland about the constitutional future ... Immensely enjoyable.' Ludovic Kennedy
'A polemical novel.' The Herald
'A first-class read.'Scots Independent
'A tour de force. Highly topical.'Books in Scotland


Essential reading for everyone interested in Scotland's future.


Now You Must Dance

Bruce Leeming

ISBN: 1 898218 71 4

Price: £5.95

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