M a c B R A V E H E A R T ... Filming Location in glen Nevis

( Last updated 15th April, 1997 )

The photograph on the left was taken in glen Nevis in 1994 immediately after completion of filming (Rob Roy was still being filmed further up the glen). The removal of the 'Lanark' village huts was in progress.

The 'Lanark' fort can be seen on the left slope of the mound in the centre of the picture.

The bridge (used in the wedding scene) can be seen at the left of the picture. This was constructed of scaffolding poles, and covered with branches.

This photograph (from the same viewpoint as above) taken in April 1997 shows that virtually all traces of filming in the 'Lanark' village/fort area have disappeared.

Part of the grassy area used for the wedding scene can be seen at the left of this picture, on the far side of the stream.

A gravelled hard standing (off-camera to the right in both photographs) created and used during filming remains. There is no indication at this spot that Braveheart filming took place here.

Emma Gibson (no relation to Mel) at the fort in 1994 after filming was completed.

Emma and her father John were told at the time by the workers dismantling the village and fort that the set had been constructed on the understanding that it would be removed completely after filming, and the site restored to its previous condition.

Some of the 'Lanark' huts seemed to be of real stone and some of fake stone, the difference being detected only on very close inspection.

At the foot of glen Nevis there is the 'Braveheart Car Park'. This was constructed for filming and has been retained for recreational use. In the photograph (taken April 1997) on the right two people are looking at the information board for the glen (shown above, with picture of Mel).

To find the 'Lanark' village/fort filming site, drive up the glen past the 'Braveheart Car Park' until the road moves away from the stream and rises up the right hand slope. Stop at the high point (before the road starts to drop back towards the floor of the glen). The village/fort location lies below towards the far (North) side of the valley.

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