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Braveheart author to lead
tartan parade in New York

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The Herald

Saturday February 19, 2005

Braveheart author to lead tartan parade in New York


THE man who wrote the screenplay for Braveheart was yesterday appointed the leader of New York city's Tartan Day celebrations.
Randall Wallace, an American of Scots descent, accepted the honorary position of New York City's 2005 Tartan Day Parade Grand Marshall.
Mr Wallace wrote the novel and original screenplay for Pearl Harbour, but he is best known for his work on Braveheart and its fictionalised account of the life of William Wallace.
Mr Wallace said: "Americans of Scottish descent have given us their passion in literature, politics, industry, science, and in their fervent defence of liberty.
"I am deeply honoured to celebrate this spirit as grand marshall ... especially in this year that marks the 700th anniversary of the sacrifice of William Wallace in the name of freedom."
Previous grand marshals include Sir Sean Connery and Cliff Robertson, the actor who played Spiderman's uncle in the recent movies.
The writer received Golden Globe and Oscar nominations and won the Writers Guild of America Award for Best Original Screenplay for Braveheart.
He also adapted, produced, and directed We Were Soldiers, a film starring Mel Gibson and a tribute to the soldiers of the Vietnam war.
His novels include Blood of the Lamb and Where Angels Watch and Braveheart.
Since 1998, Tartan Day has been approved by the US Senate each year in recognition of the contribution made by generations of Scots-Americans to the foundation and prosperity of modern America.
This year's parade will take place on April 2, and will include nearly 30 pipe bands.

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Randall Wallace at the 1997
Braveheart Convention

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