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Jane Crawford - Scottish Wonder Woman
6th August 2005
Email message to the MacBraveHeart website (6th August 2005):

Hello there

I am Jane CRAWFORD, I have been promoting William Wallace for the last 4 years.
My main aim is to hold a huge music event dedicated to Freedom and Peace on September 11th (the biggest battle Wallace won  - Stirling Bridge) . Any profits for the event will go to terminally ill kids.
It has taken me on some wonderful journeys and some not so wonderful.
In my hard work and my devotion to Scotland I lost my Daughter at 6 months pregnant.
She in now buried next to the Wallace church in Lanark (St. Kentigerns), where the spirit of Wallace will be returning this year
It was as if all this Wallace story found me, I have been in all the news papers and radio stations in Scotland and as you can see I also resemble Wonder Woman, which helps.
I am writing to you, to see if there is anyway you can help me reach Randall Wallace with my story, as he will be coming to Lanark where I stay on 11september this year, as these celebrations are wonderful. I don't think anybody will have lost as much as I did for this day.
                                          Thanks Jane Crawford


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