'The first collection of its kind'

Side 1The author introduced by Dr. George Philp

An introduction to Haiku - Bruce Leeming

Side 239 Haiku in English

An introduction to the Scots language

30 Haiku in Scots with English translations

Leeming's work has attracted recognition on both sides of the Atlantic as well as in Japan, the original home of the Haiku form. His poetry in the Scots tongue is particularly noteworthy. An example:

A whaup's wheeple

lane amang the hills -

bairnheid mindins

A curlew's cry

lonely in the hills -

memories of childhood

Derrick McClure of Aberdeen University has said of these poems: 'They show, triumphantly, that Scots can be the medium for highly successful efforts in this genre. Precisely and clearly-focused images, subtle uses of sound or rhythmic effects: all these appear in abundance.'

James Kirkup, the eminent Haiku authority, recommends: 'Read these haiku aloud to savour their beauty, the strangeness of their eloquence. They cast a real spell.'

Bruce Leeming's Edinburgh Book Festival lecture is lucid and enlightening.

Read a review of the 'HAIKU Scots and English' cassette and Bruce Leeming's 'Engraving the Sky' (Richard Joseph Publishers ISBN 1 872699 21 1) on the New Hope International website.

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HAIKU Scots and English

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A booklet 'SCOTS HAIKU' (ISBN 1 870653 51 3), of the Scots language poems read by the author on the cassette, is also available.

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