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August 2005 saw the 700th anniversary of the capture and execution of Scotland's National Hero, William Wallace. Click on the links below for more information about 2005 events to mark this important anniversary:
Braveheart cinema showings sponsored by the Scottish Executive (23rd, 26th, 27th, 28th August, 11th September 2005)
The SCRAN website has a comprehensive listing of the events during 2005 to mark the 700th anniversary of the death of Wallace
Check out the Stirling Council Wallace 700 events webpage

The Smith Museum and Art Gallery in Stirling have an excellent exhibition and events programme.

David R. Ross, convenor of the Society of William Wallace, has commemorated the memory of Wallace, by walking from Robroyston near Glasgow, to London, on the 700th anniversary of the events of Wallace's death. On David's arrival in London a Service of Commemoration, organised by the Society of William Wallace, was held in St Bartholomew's Church on 23rd August 2005.

The William Wallace Heritage Trust Lanark have arranged events to commemorate the 700th anniversary of the death of Sir William Wallace, culminating in the 'Homecoming' weekend of 10th/11th September 2005.

TORCHLIGHT COMMEMORATION FOR WALLACE in the capital city of Hungary on 11th September 2005

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