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 We (John and Lin Anderson from Scotland) started the MacBraveHeart webpages in the autumn of 1995, after we saw Braveheart for the first time. We found Braveheart deeply moving and inspiring, and wanted somehow to thank someone for creating the movie. We searched the web and found Ted Riley's Unofficial Mel Gibson Homepage (no longer running). This prompted us to start these web pages to allow ourselves and other people to share their feelings about Braveheart.


We were soon receiving emails from Braveheart fans from all over the world. The webpages grew and grew.

The photograph on the right (with our youngest son Duncan) was taken when we visited Bective Abbey (where the Braveheart scenes with the Princess and her maid in the cloisters were filmed) in Ireland with Blaithin Fitzgerald and Noreen Lawless.

In May, 1996, we asked website visitors whether there was interest in a Braveheart Convention in Stirling in September, 1997, to coincide with the 700th anniversary of the battle of Stirling Bridge.

John, Linda, and Duncan at Bective Abbey

Again there was a tremendous response, and the Convention was organised for September 12th-14th, 1997. It took place in the immediate aftermath of the historic Scottish Devolution Referendum on 11th September, and was a wonderful experience for all involved over the two days.

 Randall Wallace
Randall Wallace

Highlights included talks by
Randall Wallace and Seoras Wallace, enthusiastic participation by Sandy Nelson (John Wallace), Julie Austin (the bride), Andrew Weir (young Hamish), James Robinson (young William), and Mhairi Calvey (young Murron), and an excellent 'Braveheart Ireland' exhibition by Blaithin Fitzgerald. With Randall attending, we were finally, in the company of around 200 other Bravehearters, able to 'thank someone' for Braveheart.  

Burn it!

Following the success of the first first Convention in 1997, we organised a Braveheart 2000 Convention from 18th-20th August 2000, to tie-in with the first 'Wallace Day' of the new millenium, with the 5th anniversary of the release of Braveheart, and with the 100th anniversary of the dedication of the Robroyston Wallace memorial near Glasgow.

 DVD signed by Mel Gibson ...

The Braveheart DVD was launched in the USA and Canada on 29th August, 2000.
Paramount sent a film crew to Braveheart 2000, and their footage was shown on US and Canadian TV networks during the days leading up to the DVD launch.

Mel Gibson was kind enough to autograph a copy of the Braveheart DVD and send it over to us for Braveheart 2000.



Lin Anderson of MacBraveHeart is a successful novelist and screenwriter, and for a number of years worked to create a non-fiction book that would document the Braveheart phenomenon, and provide additional information, analysis, and background to Braveheart and its impact. Discussing the project with Randall Wallace at his office in Hollywood, he commented that it needed somebody from Scotland to write this sort of book.

After much work and research BRAVEHEART - from Hollywood to Holyrood reached bookshops from 17th August 2005, with its formal launch taking place at the Scottish Parliament on 6th September 2005. This took place against a background of a wonderful series of events and commemorations throughout Scotland and elsewhere to commemorate the 700th anniversary of the death of Sir William Wallace and the 10th anniversary of Braveheart.

Lin Anderson signing a copy of BRAVEHEART - from Hollywood to Holyrood for Mhairi Calvey (who played young Murron in Braveheart)
23rd August 2005


In addition to publishing information on these pages, we occasionally email out a newsletter. If you are interested in receiving this newsletter by email, please let us know. (We never pass on email addresses to other organisations.)

Email us ...

If you have any general comments on MacBraveHeart, suggestions for improvements, or additions, then please let us know.

We operate on a not-for-profit basis, and have no connection with any political organisation. We do not edit or censor the email submissions we receive before posting them (without comment in most cases). We feel that the meaning and spirit of Braveheart is best expressed through the voices of the world-wide community which we try to represent here on the MacBraveHeart web pages. We are indebted to all those who have taken the time and trouble to put down their thoughts and feelings in writing and send them to us.

Our acknowledgements and thanks for permissions, encouragement, support, and assistance with the MacBraveHeart webages and the Braveheart Conventions go to:

The Airth Castle Hotel
Julie Austin
(who played the bride)
(sadly missed, who played The Bruce's father) and Marilyn Bannen
BBC Scotland

Paramount Martin Blyth
of Paramount Pictures in Los Angeles

Mhairi Calvey (who played young Murren) and her Mum.
Tom Church (who created the 'Mel' statue at the National Monument)

CNN news website ... CNN news, for their coverage of the 1997 Braveheart Convention.

James Cosmo (who played 'Campbell')
Roderick Deans
(piper to the
1997 Braveheart Convention)
The Discovery Channel for their coverage of Braveheart 2000
Willie Douglas of the Society of William Wallace
Atholl Duncan
of BBC Scotland
Brian Ferguson
of the Falkirk Herald
Lucio Ferrari
of Como, Italy, who has 'Scotland in his heart'
James Fraser
of the AILLS & T Tourist Board
Blaithin FitzGerald
and Noreen Lawless of Dunshaughlin, Ireland
Mel Gibson (who played William Wallace), and sent a DVD copy to
Braveheart 2000
Ken Gill and Gillian of the Stirling Initiative Cultural Programme
Brendan Gleeson
(who played 'Hamish')
Tom Hart of Hollister, CA ... and that gold Cadillac
Claire Harwood
of Falkirk Council

Andrew Hillhouse
, artist to MacBraveHeart
The History Channel
Susan Hodges
who kindly allowed us to use her photos from the
1997 Convention.
Johanna Hopkins of Washington DC, who can always find the words

Icon Productions Amy Tillman
at Icon Productions of Los Angeles

Colonel Hunter who gifted us the audio tape version of the Braveheart novel.
Elspeth King
of the Smith Art Gallery and Museum in Stirling, and Michael
Ric and Marguerite Marsh of Columbus Ohio, who brought their
DVD player.
Alastair McDonald folksinger and patriot
Brian McIver of the Glasgow Evening Times
Margaret McSeveney dramatist, who keeps us informed
MPH Entertainment of Los Angeles - Adam, SueAnn, and Bill
John Murtagh (who played 'Lochlan')
Sandy Nelson
(who played John Wallace) and his 'Away Hame William' Band
Tom O'Connor
who kindly sent us photos from the
2000 Convention.
Sue Ritchie
of Phoenix, Arizona
James Robinson
(who played young William)
Vicki Rogers
and Rafael Barraza of Pensacola, Florida

David Ross
(author of books on the lives of Wallace and Bruce) who has the passion, and walked the walk.
Ian Scott of the Saltire Society.
Scottish Television
Alan Smart of the
Scottish Parliament
Julie Sturgeon
who kindly allowed us to use her photos from the 2000 Convention.
Sunday Herald newspaper
Georgia Taylor
and Ray Taylor of Tyler, Texas

Glenn Telfer
(author of books in Scots on the lives of Wallace and Bruce)

Twentieth Century Fox Twentieth Century Fox
of London and Los Angeles

Wallace Liqueur Company
Randall Wallace
(Braveheart screenplay and novel)
The Wallace Clan Trust
Andrew Weir
(young 'Hamish')
John Walker (of the Falkirk Local History Society)
Andrew Wilson of the SNP
Stephen & Avril Wilson
and their wonderful 'Braveheart' truck.

... and to all the others who have let that 'Braveheart' feeling guide their hearts...

Materials on this website are either (c) MacBraveHeart or copyright other organisations and individuals, including some listed above. If in doubt, please Email us regarding any intended use elsewhere. Postings on messages pages (appeal, experiences, many viewings etc) are public domain, and may be reproduced without seeking permission from MacBraveHeart or the writers.