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Garry Garland's Tribute to Wallace poem posted 16th October 2005  
Braveheart questions and answers 11th October 2005
Wallace's Well page restored (missing for some months)  9th October 2005
Links page updated 14th September 2005
Appeal of Braveheart 8th September 2005
Scottish Football seems to have taken Braveheart to heart.
4th September 2005

Lin Anderson's book BRAVEHEART - From Hollywood to Holyrood now available. The official launch was at the Scottish Parliament on 6th September 2005.. 3rd September 2005

Brain Rodden has some great heraldic figures of Wallace,
The Bruce, and Edward Bruce
16th August 2005

TORCHLIGHT COMMEMORATION FOR WALLACE in the capital city of Hungary on 11th September 2005
15th August 2005


Smith Museum & Art Gallery
Programme of events for Wallace 700th Anniversary 15th August 2005
Braveheart cinema showings sponsored by the Scottish Executive 7th August 2005
Braveheart Scottish Wonder Woman 6th August 2005
Braveheart author to lead Tartan Day parade in New York 19th February, 2005
Many Viewings List 6th February 2005
Braveheart experiences 22nd June 2004