Mary Hendry

FRANCES MARY HENDRY was a teacher in Scotland for over 20 years. She has also run a small guest house which only had visitors in the summer, which meant she could write all winter.
Until 1986, when she won the S.A.C. Literary Award for her book
Quest for a Kelpie, the only writing she had done was for pantomimes for her local drama club - something she still enjoys doing. She also won the S.A.C. Literary Award for Quest for a Maid in 1988. Her first book for Oxford University Press, Chandra , won the Writers Guild Award and the Lancashire Book Award (see book list page for bibliography).
Her other interests include history (until men started to wear trousers) gardening, embroidery, and amateur dramatics - especially pantomimes. Frances lives in Nairn, Scotland.

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