Frances Mary

Hello - I'm glad you're interested in my books. The history of Scotland is wonderfully exciting, full of action and colour and thrills. So I've written books about six of the most exciting moments, to let other people enjoy them as much as I do. They're all called 'Quest for a ...' so they're easy to remember - but no, they're not Dungeons and Dragons. Everybody can read them; they're for young adults of any age. Readers's letters so far have come from people of all ages, from a boy of 8 (the first fan letter I ever got, wowee!) to a gentleman of 94 in Navada , who invites me to drop in any time I'm passing! Quest for a Kelpie
Queen I warn you, my books are not sweet and gentle - but then the Scots never have been that!

I've written other books as well; their names are on this list too. I'll be happy to sign any or all of them and to send them to you.

UK readers, you can order the paperbacks from your local bookshop. Don't let any bookseller tell you they're out of print, because they aren't. If you have any difficulty, I'll be happy to send them (and of course the bookshops can't get them signed for you!). But I have to add 1 p&p to the shop price.

Best wishes and happy reading.


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