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Welcome to John & Lin Anderson's 'unofficial' official Braveheart website since 1995. The MacBraveHeart webpages are dedicated to keeping alive the spirit of Braveheart, and to the interest in Scottish history and identity which Braveheart has helped awaken.

In the years since setting up the MacBraveHeart website, and organising the 1997 and 2000 Braveheart Conventions, Lin Anderson has become a best-selling crime-writer, with her books sold in English and in translation in many parts of the world.

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  1305-2005 : 700 Years of Sir William Wallace

1995-2015 : Twenty Years of Braveheart


BRAVEHEART - From Hollywood to Holyrood, Lin Anderson's book about the Braveheart phenomenon was launched at the Scottish Parliament on 6th September 2005.

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< Lin Anderson speaking at the 700th anniversary Wallace Day at Elderslie
[27th August 2005]

David Ross and Lin Anderson at the Sir William Wallce 700th anniversary Commemoration Dinner at Stirling Castle [27th August 2005]

Mel Gibson and Randall Wallace sent a recorded message to the Commemoration Dinner.

Fiona Watson, Ted Cowan, Lin Anderson, and (the late) Magnus Magnusson at the Wallace : The Man & The Myth event at the Edinburgh International Book Festival [17th August 2005]

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Following the Service of Commemoration for Sir William Wallace at The Priory Church of St Bartholomew the Great in London on 23rd August 2005, the Spirit of Wallace was taken back to Scotland to lie in state at the Smith Museum & Art Gallery in Stirling.

The Spirit of Wallace leaving the Smith
Museum on 10th September 2005,
to travel to Lanark

Mhairi Calvey (Young Murron in BRAVEHEART) and Lin Anderson. Homecoming Day for
Wallace at Lanark - 11th September 2005

The Spirit of Wallace has returned to Scotland.
 Wallace's wife (right) has lit the fire
... seven swords, one for each 100 years
 - Lanark,11th September 2005