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3rd January 2004

TheMacWiz7 ... 29 times

I've seen it 29....beat that!

Siyar Erzen ... 29 times

i have seen braveheart 14 times at cinema but it is not playing still, and i have watched it 10-15 times from cds

John & Janis Campbell ... 29 times

Answer: 29 TIMES... And, we're about to see it again!! (Please add our name to the list!!) The Sword Of Freedom... Which "clan" planted it?? At the end of the movie, a sword was thrown by William Wallace's childhood friend & cousin, a CAMPBELL (Please let us know... Thank you!)

PS: Check-out our family's website...

4th November, 2001

[ It was us, the Andersons, who planted the Sword of Freedom in the ground at the National Monument. We felt it was an appropriate thing to do on the day that Scotland's Parliament returned, with BRAVEHEART a factor in bringing this about. We're sure William Wallace would have approved.]

Sara F ... 28 times

I absolutely love this film. I was speechless by the end of the movie the first time I saw it. Every time I see it I am totally involved and enthralled. I saw the movie 18 times in the theatre and at least 10 on video. I wish the video was in the letterbox format because it is so much better than the cut and span.

Jeremy Orman ... 28 times

I have seen Braveheart 24 times myself, and I can honestly say I never get tired of the movie.... I love it. By far my favorite character is Steven....

Scott Heintzelman ... 27 times

Hello Andersons!
I'm sending this mail all the way from Boone, North Carolina, U.S I have seen Braveheart 27 times. Thats 4043 minutes of my life I have devoted to watching this film (Damn, this kid must have no life). Despite the fact that I have seen this movie so many times I still cry and get goosebumps the size of golfballs at the end. I really respect you for opening this site. It is by far the best looking Braveheart site I have ever seen.
I have almost 1/2 Scottish ancestry and hope to some day visit Sotland. There is a question I have posted all over the net and I would like to ask you now: Do you know of any site where I can find information on Queen Isabella of England and her hubby Roger de Mortimer? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, though I'm sure you don't have the time.
From a fellow Braveheart lover
-Baghera of Boone, NC

WILKEZ ... 27 times

27 times and still watching!!! Listen to the soundtrack every night to fall asleep by!!!
Listened to soundtrack over 300 times

Fredrick Bechyne ... 27 times

Just took a look at your web site -- beautiful! I have seen the movie no less than 27 times, in fact I bought the videos. I also just bought "More Music From Braveheart."

My Great-Grandmother (rest her soul) was born in Caledonia Scotland. She would tell me stories of her homeland -- which by blood, is my homeland too. I hope someday to visit that breathtaking country. I would like to see the land of my forefathers before I die.

From Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Fredrick Bechyne

Johanna Hopkins ... 26 times

Hi, I came across your page and really enjoyed it. I have seen this movie 14 times and I could see it 14 more times. I have never in my life been so moved by a movie.
[Update 24th April, 1996] I am now up to 26 times seeing Braveheart.

Andrew Redmon ... 26 times

How many times I've seen Braveheart - 26.

Linda ... 26 times

Yes, count me on the list, 26 times. I have dragged my husband 4 times. What a film. It gave me goose bumps. Anyone from Scotland, please E-Mail me if you heard of celebrations during and after the Academy Awards ceremony as Mel mentioned that Glasgow was partying hard. Also, what did Scottish papers say on Bravehearts victory. Would love to know. Thanks to the Andersons and all Braveheart and Mel Gibson fans for keeping this site going. Loving every minute. Also, does anyone know of a book about Braveheart on how the film was made etc. STAY FOREVER HUMBLE MEL, AND YOU WILL BE FOREVER SUCCESSFUL. Linda.

Kenneth O'Riordan ... 26 times

I've seen Braveheart ( the BEST EVER film made) 6 time in the cinema; however I own it on video and Laser disc, and have seen it at home at least 20 more times!!

John & Analee Adkins ... 25 times

Thanks for continuing to update our frontrunner bio! We have now seen Braveheart 25 times in the theater to date (we've got one cheap theater that keeps holding on to its print! Wheeee!). BH is absolutely the best movie we've seen in ages! We're normal people who don't normally go to one movie over and over, but BH is such a well told story--wonderfully written, excellently directed, superbly acted, beautifully shot, effectively edited, and how about that soundtrack! It is certainly the most powerful movie we've ever seen. When we find ourselves crying the 25th time through (and we wouldn't kid about a thing like that), that's impressive! Way to go Mel!
John & Analee Adkins

Kanaan ... 25 times

My name is Kanaan, and I am a Braveheart FREAK!!!!!!! I have seen the movie 25 times!!!! And I still cry every time I see it!!! I live that movie weekly, of course it really helps that I work part time at a movie theater in Cali. which means that I get all the movies free..... When it comes to Braveheart I am a man gone mad......I love it...I truly feel that it is the greatest movie ever made!
Kanaan (The Wandering Arab...)

EHB96 ... 25 times

Braveheart is definitely, without a doubt, the best!!! I think I have seen it over 25 times myself!!

Susan Hodges ... 25 times

In the theatre - 15 times
At home - 10 times
I now own the movie, so who knows what is to come!

Paul Morris ... 25 times

As a student interested in medieval history, I naturally enjoyed the movie, which I have seen about twenty-five times.

Ange Parkin ... 25 times

I've never been so moved by a movie in all my 14 years!! Braveheart is absolutely THE best movie that has and ever will be made. I don't think that the casting crew could have found anyone better to fill anyone's spot!

All the characters are so perfect! Since viewing the movie for the first time a couple years ago, I have loved it ever since. It's too bad I didn't get to see in the theatre, but I finally got it on video for my b-day and have seen it at least 25 times since!

I felt so many different emotions run through me while watching this masterpiece and I'm not one to get emotional easily, I was even brought to tears during the murder of Murron and at the execution. By the end of this movie I was speechless. I never watch the credits of movies, but when I get to the end if BH I just sit there and stare at the screen. I always get this incredible feeling inside whenever I watch it, even now when I've seen it so many times I can't believe at how it makes me feel.

I'm so obsessed with Braveheart and Scotland now that during my gr8 year I asked my teacher if I could do a project on Scotland when the class wasn't even going to be doing any projects. He let me, of course, and I spent months researching William Wallace, Robert the Bruce, Longshanks and any other thing I could think of. I ended up doing most of the project on my own time. Everyone thought I was messed for wanting to do a project that didn't really count for anything voluntarily, but I have never had so much fun learning!

I like to decorate and re-decorate with basketball posters(my 2nd love) and now I've created my own Scotland wall! It has a large scale map of Scotland, a full-size flag of either the St. Andrew's Cross or the Scots Lion (I keep switching them every once in awhile to have a bit of variety, but the Scots lion is a cheap imitation made in Taiwan so I often have The St. A's up). I also have covered the rest of the open spaces with pictures from a book I ordered and pics that I've printed off the www. I hope to go to Scotland sometime very soon but my mom says that unless we win the lottery I have to wait until I'm out of school.

I'm English on both sides and have to say that I've never been happier to see someone get killed (not the Scots just the English cause they're all bastards who deserved do die for what they did) as I have been when watching BH. I normally don't like all the blood and guts sort of thing and I'll turn my head when it gets to those kind of parts, but with this movie I'll watch the killing and it doesn't even bother me.

Thanks for an amazing page!!!


Mike Devenney ... 25 times

Hello. I have just finished an entire day (!) of surfing your site and the sites linked to from within. Amazing! I loved the movie (understatement) and I should probably be on the many viewings page.
Without actually counting (do you think anyone really does?) I would put my viewings at about 25. I was in a fraternity in college and most of us are Scottish or, like myself, Scots-Irish (the best of both worlds) and we would watch some of the battle scenes before our football games.
The feeling of fighting for a team is so much stronger after a few scenes from the movie. A picture from the last scene with the sword stuck into the ground (I still get chills every time I think about it) and the poem are hung on the wall in our house. WE are true supporters...even if fact and movie don't always meet! It was hell of a effort on both Randall, and Mel's parts. Bravo!

Ellen Frediani ... 23 times

Well, I can't say that I can beat 51 times ..... I know of about 23, that I can think of, but I actually went to the William Wallace Memorial when I was in Stirling .... does that give me any bonus points? Oh, and also the site in London where he was executed, and I stood on the steps in Parliament where his trial took place ...... now, that should be worth something!

:>) Ellen Frediani
Napa Valley, CA

December 2002

[OK ... we've put you to the top of the '23 times' :o) J&L ]

Gerry Glackin ... 23 times

Name Gerry Glackin. I have got the video and viewed 23 times. Did not need braveheart to be me. I live in England now, but was born and bread in Bellshill Scotland. My people speak real words. For a few years now, when society has got to me with the people that sell their soul for a shilling on went the kilt, my style. braveheart says a lot of words and people for years that looked and wondered now ask why, guess my answer. Yes, freedom. No traditional style, kilt on, socks thich and down, arran crew neck. In winter add flying jacket and Russan hat. Looks good, but most important you get a true inside picturre of who is who and how they judge.

All the best Gerry

Miles Whitney ... 23 times
I Miles Whitney have seen it 23 times.

James Young ... 23 times

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Anderson
For the record I have seen the movie 23 times and it still leaves my eyes watering everytime. The Movie was phenomenal, nothing could have been better. The battle scenes and life shots were great. But it is the best love story I have ever seen or heard of. The only work I can compare to it is De "Amictia" by Marcus Tullis Cicero.
James Young
16 yrs. 11th Gr.

Kristy Shoulders ... 23 times

You've seen Braveheart 41 times?
"You're showing off now."
I've experienced it 23 times. I love it.
"I always have."

Danny Graham ... 22 times

I have seen the greatest film of all time on 22 occasions.
May 2000

Buddy Williams ... 21 times

I just wanted to be added to the list.
I have seen Braveheart six times in the theatre and 8 times so far on video. This is a total of 14 viewings, for now. With more to come.
Well, so long from bellingham washington.
[Update 20th May, 1996] Since i last wrote, I have seen Braveheart seven more times(to make a new total of 21 viewings) and i still think that it is the best movie ever made.

Andreas Korner ... 21 times

Hi there!

I'm living in Germany and I saw the Braveheart film over 21 times.
Everytime I see the film I ask myself, how long could I life without a trip to Scotland.
I know that Scotland is one of the most beautiful countries I could ever visit.
Could you tell me some possibilities to visit your GREAT LAND?

The film has woken in all people I know, a great feeling of FREEDOM!!!!
And also a feeling that the human could better life, if they had more idols like WILLAM WALLACE in their normal life.

I hope you could read this BAD English, I had English only four years at School.
Some Infos about me :
I'm 22 Year Old, I'm living in Germany/Bavaria.
I really love this film and I work as an Electrican.

FREEDOM forever!!!

Dilek ... 21 times

I have seen it 21 times, because it touched me deep.
Everybody must see this movie, because it's not just a movie, it tells us about what really is important.

Shawn Wenham ... 20+ times

Hi John and Linda,

I am a Braveheart fanatic...I have seen the movie going on 20 times...
and I always find something new in the movie. I also have the video on the making of the movie...very interesting, although I would prefer it to be longer.

My appeal to the is one of those movies that has more meaning to it than we could ever know. The scenery, the battle scenes are very descriptive and very emotional. The cast for the movie was very well the point where they were believable and lived that character up to the finishing of the movie.

Braveheart impacted me big time...whenever I see my own life getting low in the dulldrums, I pull that movie out. It seems to get rid of the apathy and compromise, and helps you to break through to what is real.

Even though this is just a movie, but a real part of life...the message will never change, that when there is a tyrant in the world...action must be taken. And that is what William Wallace did, he took action on behalf of his people to bring freedom to them. Freedom is still a real part of life, and though some of us might be in chains of some sort...there is always a hope for freedom.

My handle on one of the chat lines is Bravehearts is a Christian Chatline. Thanks for the's great.


Cailin Pruett ... 20+ times

I know for sure I saw Braveheart twice at a first run theater and twice at the dollar theater. I bought my copy of Braveheart the day it became available in Georgia and I've watched it at least twice a month since. I don't know how many times that is, but I know it will never be enough!

Gustaf Hallenius ... 20 times


This was the second time I was here, so I thought that it might was time to tell you that I liked your page. It's lots of interesting facts.
I think that Braveheart is the best film ever done. I saw it today, and I've seen it about 20 times. I haven't counted all the times. It's great every time I see it. I don't ever think that I can get tired of. Keep up this great page!

Gustaf Hallenius, Sweden
In the Year of our Lord 1314, patriots of Scotland, starving and
outnumbered, charged the fields of Bannockburn. They fought like warrior
poets. They fought like Scotsmen. And won their freedom. Forever.

Sue, Tim and Michelle ... 20 times

My two friends and I (Sue [myself], Tim and Michelle) saw Braveheart a total of 20 times between us. Having been to Scotland on many occasions, I was brought back to many familiar sights of the movie and missed my second "home". In addition, our hearts soared with the solidarity of the Scots under the leadership of William Wallace. Although not absolutely historically correct, a hero was brought to light. England gave us King Arthur; Scotland - William Wallace. Thank you.

Keith McCallister ... 20 times

I have seen it about the same amount as you and have the video, and strongly agree it is the berst movie ever.

Kenneth D Cross ... 20 times

I was trying to tell you that I've watched Braveheart about 20 times.
5times in slow-mo. We found some really cool camera tricks.
That's all.
Kenneth D. Cross
p.s. It's my FAV Movie. It's the BEST!!

Markus Nilsson ... 20 times

My name is Markus Nilsson and I´ve seen Braveheart about 20 times!!

Denny Jackson ... 20 times

Hello, Mr. and mrs. Anderson. I just wanted to let you all know I have now seen Braveheart 17 times. I currently watch it weekly by way of my tape. It is absolutely wonderful. Schindler's List is running a close second but will not surpass Braveheart. I won't let it! Thanks for hearing me on this.
Since I last wrote my daughter and I have watched Braveheart three more times bringing the total to an even 20. She is so fascinated with Hamish. For a small gal she understands the movie very well.
Denny Jackson

Imran Mahboob ... 20 times

Well Braveheart is one of the best movies I have ever seen and though not quite upto 42 times, but I have crossed twenty and hope and look forward to more.

D Blenniss ... 20 times

I've seen braveheart 20 times. I wish I can be just like you. please respond.
26th April, 1999

Kevin Oliver ... 20 times

I have a copy of Braveheart  I have watched it probably 20 times.
And we will watch it many more times .It touches my heart every time I watch it.
Kevin Oliver.

17th July, 1999

RunningBuffalo ... 20 times

Hope all is well with you.
I've viewed Braveheart at least fifteen or twenty times, and it still excites me.
I love the spirit of William Wallace.
Many thanks for this website, hope to come to the Convention.
March, 2000

Jason Ashman ... 19 times

After viewing this movie for the first time in the theatre upon its release; I was deeply moved by the film.
I have watched it 19 times since then, the latest being one hour ago.
William Wallace is a hero to all who want to make their world a better place. Maybe his methods would not work today, but the courageous fire he displayed and his dedication and convictions are enough to inspire any true blue Celt (or any others for that matter). This is one of the greatest warriors in history, not just for what he accomplished, but his legacy lives on. Long live Braveheart!!


August 2000

Marc Leblanc ... 18 times

I've seen BH 18 times, and it gets better and better. Highlander 252 times.

Matthew Young ... 18 times

I own a home video copy of Braveheart and have watched it 16 times. I also saw it twice in the movies for a total of 18 times.
I am an American Civil War re-enactor, and I find that Braveheart is an emotion stiring, blood-pumping, heart beating story. I see and get something different out of the movie everytime that I watch it. It is part of the inspiration for a new game me and a few of my friends are designing over this summer entitled, "CLAN WARS".
I am a College freshmen at Columbus State University in Columbus, Georgia. My friends are computer science majors and I am the history consultant for our game. I hope to make it acurate as possible, and I find that much easier to do now over the internet.
I will say I have much pride in my state, and in my country. But, my Celtic pride will NEVER DIE!
PS- My mothers maiden name is ANDERSON!

Chris Kearney ... 18 times




15th July, 1999 ... 17 times

Saw BH 17 times - before it was removed from Sterling theatre here in Bombay. Must be THE greatest movie I've seen in me whole life. Beat the life out of my X-fave, T2.

Tyler Foley ... 17 times

I Tyler Foley Of High River have viewed braveheart 17 times in cinema as well as Four times on video.

Omar Abhari (Bravestheart) ... 17 times

Dear Sir or Madam,
I consider myself the biggest Braveheart fan on this planet. That movie has redefined freedom in such a way that make do nothing but cry every time I watch it..I've seen it 15 times so far, and on my way to 100 viewings before the end of this year...
I really appreciate your hard work of constructing your Braveheart page and keeping it up to date...and for that I give you thanks..
"every man dies, not every man really lives.." it's about that time that we all learn how we can really!!
[Update 22nd April, 1996] Thanks for your message, and yes I know that you put my name on the list and I'm really proud of it. Some people ask me why don't I just say that I've seen it a 100 times! I think that the fact that they don't understand is that when your involved in such a thing, your word is all you've got, you can't lie concerning freedom.
I want to inform you that I've seen Braveheart two more times since I've last e-mailed you, so my total is 17 viewings. Again I would like to thank you for your effort, and proud to tell you that I go through your page almost everyday....

Pete Dunning ...17 times

Hello, my name is Pete Dunning and I live in CA.....I saw Braveheart(The best movie in the world) 14 times in the Theatre and 3 times on Video, for a total of 17 times!!!! I can't believe how many other people are just like me! Well, I gotta go rent it now.

Mark V Sampson ...17 times

Went to see it seven times at the movie house, and took seven different people. also have home video which i've watched at least 10 times.

Lynn Barnes ... 17 times

Hi, my name is Lynn Barnes and I live in Kansas, USA. I'm relatively new to this style of communication and I was just browsing through valentine, romance films, when I came upon this website. I've seen Braveheart 17 times and bought a Claymore. It is the best movie of all times. I think William Wallace was my soulmate at sometime, in someother lifetime. I would love to keep up things, and maybe we can have a convention in the USA.

[13th February, 1999]

James Leonard ... 16 times

6 viewings (but many more once I can buy the movie)
I've seen it 8 times and I love it more and more every time.
I'm up to 9. Almost to page 2!!
I'm up to 10.
11 viewings. 107 seems impossible.
12 viewings.
I've seen it 16 times now. I just got it in widescreen and there is absolutely no contest. Widescreen is far superior in entertainment to the formatted version. BTW, come by my page often, I just recently updated it again.
Hello again,
I forgot to mention:
When I first found your list this summer, I had seen Braveheart 4 times. I looked at the list and saw that I needed to reach 17 viewings to make page one. I decided that it would be a reasonable goal to try to do this by the time school started again. Well, school starts tomorrow and I'm at 16. It would mean a lot to me if you would put me on page 1 before tomorrow. You don't have to, but if you can, it would be really cool for me to be on page 1.
James Leonard

PS--Please don't think that I watched Braveheart 16 times just to make it to page 1 of your list. I watched it 16 times because it is the greatest movie ever made and because of the way it makes me feel every time I watch it. (Just wanted to make sure I was clear on that. Thanks!)

Chris Anderson ... 16 times

i have seen braveheart 16 times and am as moved as ever when i see it.... i think he was a great man.....chris anderson

McBays & Keith Delahunt ... 16 times

My claim to fame is that Keith and I saw Braveheart for the first time in Times Square, New York in July 1995 before its release in the UK - we we're even more proud to be Scottish. The rest of the McBays (Alex & Roma, and John) first saw the film in Falkirk! Between us we have seen the film 16 times.

A Reiff ... 16 times

We just returned from 2 weeks in Scotland and visited the Monument, Stirling, Bannockburn and other locations...
It was terrific...
While staying in a Bed/breakfast in Sterling we watched Braveheart for the 16th time...
I am never bored but ...

we only watch it up until Wallace is about to be tortured and killed...
August 2000

Charles Nowlin ... 15 times

I have seen it between 15-20 times, haven't beat you, but I am getting there


March, 1999

David J Carter ... 15 times

My wife and I have viewed Braveheart at least 15 times.
We really just discovered the movie about 1 1/2 years ago.
I had of course heard of it prior but had never taken the time to see it.
It is the best movie we have ever seen!
It is about Leadership, courage, conviction, perseverance and of course Freedom.
I am so glad to see your internet page and all of the links.
Thank you,

August, 1999

Duane Estes ... 15 times

Love it!
I am a big BraveHeart fan. I've only seen it about 15 times. I have it vhs and can't wait till they release it on dvd.

September, 1999

Maria Andersen ... 15 times


My name is Maria Andersen from Norway, and I have viewed Braveheart 15 times.
December, 2002


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