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Matt Burg, Joshua Patrick Brown, Henry Clunn, DocRCW, Cynthia Evans, Mary Fogarty, Carl Hancock, Jamie Hough, Stuart Kenney, Grant Knisely, Katherine Koger, Icarus Korlayne, Rob Leonard, Lisa Lindberg, Ryan MacDonald, Nicolas Martz, Melis43194, Mersib, Mikshannon, Jason Miller, Marc Molloy, Jeff Morrison, Ingemar Olsson, Pam, Gregory Pulsifer, Laurel Quirk, Jean-Jacques Raye, Fred Thompson, Amy Shaw, Javier Silber, SILLYBALES, Erik Sinsel, G L Snow, Dan Tavine, TEESSS, Andrew J. Wroblewski

How many?
How many times have you viewed Braveheart?
Let us know,
and we'll add you to the list.

TEESSS ... 15 times
Yep! Count me in at a current 15 viewings...going for 16th tomorrow
I LOVE your website!!!! There are Bravehearters HUNGRY for information....and we had only found the Paramount and Frontpage websites
(no longer in existence).
THANK YOU for giving us this!

Jason Miller ... 15 times
Hi! I'm from massachusette in America. I've seen Braveheart 15 times in theaters (at 6 dollars a showing!). Now I have the video and i've seen that about 12 times. I have the Braveheart book, soundtrack, video, and just about every movie poster made! This was THE best movie I've ever seen! I especially like (since I'm Irish) the Stephen Character!

Dan Tavine ... 15 times
I have watched Braveheart 15 times, 3 times I watched it back-to-back. I'm not of Scottish descent, but I simply admire what the man (William Wallace) must have been like.
I do have a considerable amount of Irish in me, and we see how easily they are swayed in the movie.
Happy Viewing

Ingemar Olsson ... 15 times
15 times and it`s going better and better!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Icarus Korlayne ... 15 times
I have seen braveheart 8 times in theater and 7 times on home video.

Marc Molloy ... 15 times
Ive seen it 15 times!!! and ill see it more!!!

Mary Fogarty ... 15 times
Please, please add my name to those receiving the Braveheart newletter. I've seen the movie at least 15 times and always am surprised by finding out new things that I've missed when viewing it previously. My family (on my mother's side) has a strong Scottish background, my great-grandfather was a Duncan. I love most things Scottish (sorry, I'm not a fan of haggis) and
would love to receive your newsletter.

G L Snow ... 15 times
Well...we own the tape .....but for NOW I'd say about 15 times.
May, 1999

Laurel Quirk ... 14 times
I'm up to 14 showings myself, and since the film is still playing in our local theaters, I'm sure that number will increase over the next few weeks. Somehow it will just not be the same on video!

I am among the many people who were just swept away by this film - the story, the acting, the music, the sets - all were just beyond description. I firmly believe that Braveheart deserves to sweep the Academy Awards later this month in all 10 categories for which it received nominations, but I also think it is a huge oversight that Mel Gibson did not get nominated for Best Actor. I personally found him absolutely believable and totally riveting as William Wallace.

I saw this film for the first time last June, the night before I boarded a plane to begin a family vacation to the British Isles. Our first stop was Edinburgh. I have always been fascinated by history, and many of Scotland's historic sites were already on our itinery, but we added Bannockburn and the Wallance Monument after seeing the film. Encountering such tangible evidence at these sites that William Wallace was indeed a real historical person and that many of the characters and events portrayed in the film actually happened just added to my fascination with both the film and the actual historical events. At a subsequent stop in London we spent hours at the Tower of London in the recently renovated quarters of Edward I where we plied the guides for information about the English court. Again, I was surprised to discover that most of the people and events portrayed in the film were accurate. We bought a lot of history books on our vacation, and I have done a lot of reading since we returned to the United States.

[Later] When I returned from vacation I found that Braveheart was still playing in theaters, so of course I had to go see it several more times. The movie then disappeared from theaters for several months, but started a second release in November. I chalked up several more showings before the film went into another hiatus between November and February. The film is now in a third release which began immediately following the Academy Award nominations.

I cannot imagine what it is like to view this film in Scotland. The film's reception in the United States has been overwhelming because of the acting and the power of the story told. Adding to these elements the dimension of a frustrated national ambition must make for a truly emotional experience.

Apart from the film, you have a magical country, and we cannot wait to come back! Scotland is indeed a very special place.

Javier Silber ... 14 times
I have seen the movies 14 times.

I truly think that Braveheart is the best Movie ever made in the world. I live in Coral Springs, Florida, and even though I do not have any direct link in my heratige to the Scottish people I still think that have to be some of the bravest bunch of people I have ever met. I am personaly from Argentina, and like the Great Scottish people in the movie, I also do not like the British too much either ( laugh ).

Erik Sinsel ... 14 times
I have seen Braveheart 14 times in the theatres, and I think it is the best movie ever made, by far.

Carl Hancock ... 14 times
I do not currently live in Scotland, but in the United States. But lived in Thurso, Scotland a few years ago, and my mother is from Glasgow (one of my sisters is from Londendary Ireland and the other from Dunoon Scotland). Here in the states, I have currently seen the film 13 times (with the help of some friends that worked at the theatres of course ;) and plan to see it even more when it comes out on video here on March 2nd ;)

braveheart is by far the best movie i have ever seen.

Lisa Lindberg ... 14 times
Hi. I'm Lisa Lindberg
I saw Braveheart 4 times in the movie theatre, but I have my own copy at home now. I've watched it at least 10 times. I like to watch it on Friday nights. I think I'll be doing it again tonight.
I love all things Scottish, Irish, and Celtic. I have Scottish ancestors -- my clan, the Bruces (yes really) and the Kennedys.


Jean-Jacques Raye ... 14 times
I have seen BH 14 times on LD and i think it will grow up as i haven't heard the AC-3 sound track yet (which has had an Academy Award !!!).

Fred Thompson ... 14 times
You,ve got me beat. I saw it 14 times in the first two months it was out.

Jamie Hough ... 13 times
I have seen the movie thirteen times. I have it on tape now and have watched the movie 4 times in a week.

Grant Knisely ... 13 times
There is no doubt that Braveheart is the best film ever made. I have seen the full length version 13 times. Thanks for your time.

Matt Burg ... 13 times
I just wanted to comment on your page first of all, great work. And I'd also just like to let you know that I currently (as of Novemeber of 1997), have seen Braveheart about 13 times. I unfortunetly have never seen it in a movie theater, I just didn't keep up on movies when it came out, so I basically never heard about it until after it left all the theaters. I finally saw the movie on one of the movie channels, (HBO, Cinemax, or Showtime) somewhere a little over a year ago. I've been hooked ever since.
We have a DSS Satellite dish at home, so we get about 5 HBOs, 5 Maxs, and 5 Showtimes, so it's on quite often on one or the other of those channels. This also means that my count will only continue to increase, as I find the movie to get better and better each time.
I don't know of any Scottish ancestry in my family, but I'm simply mesmorized by the film and all that William Wallace stood for and fought for. To sacrifice so much against something that seemed to have overwhelming odds against you, takes more courage than I could ever imagine.
I think the ending really demonstrates how much Wallace loved freedom, and what he was willing to sacrifice for it. To not take the easy way out by begging for mercy, to endure that torture, and just when you think (for some odd reason) that he's going to ask for mercy, (At least, I did when I saw the movie for the first time), and then the unforgettable "FRRREEEEEEEEDOOOOMMMM", simply left me in awe, now that's a hero.
Thanks for providing the webpage with all the info on this movie,

Rob Leonard ... 12 times
Hi there. I'm a sophomore and duke. I ran across your page about 3am last night, and was absolutely thrilled by it. It's inspired me to go to the library and get books on Scottish history, and my own Irish history, so thank you in that respect.
The page really got me pumped about watching Braveheart again. Since i've been at college, the viewings have gone down, and it's a little hard to remember the amount. Best guess based on the times I can remember would be 12, with number 13 to come this weekend (yes, I'm excited; perhaps make it a dorm event...). sorry, I ramble. anyways, thank you for having such a wonderful page.

With peace, and in solidarity,

Rob Leonard

February, 1999

Nicolas Martz ... 12 times
My name is Nicholas Martz, and I have seen Braveheart about 12 times, mostly in a dollar theatre in VA. I have converted my roommate, his girlfriend, and my fiance all into Braveheart fans. Good luck in the Academy Awards, Mel.

Joshua Patrick Brown ... 12 times
I personally have seen this incredible film 12 times. Tommorrow it is due out on video and I will purchase at least two copies. Thanks for being a supporter.

Joshua Patrick Brown
Elko, Nevada 89801

Jeff Morrison ... 12 times
I have seen it 12 times. LOL ok so im an addict. Is it my fault it was showing at the $2 theatre a mile from my house.
Jeff Morrison

Mersib ... 12 times
I've seen Braveheart 12 times it is the best movie ever!
Great Page!

DocRCW ... 12 times
Hi anyone listening.
I don't know if you guys are still communicating with Braveheart fans or not,but since I'm a true convert to Braveheartism I thought I'd give it a try.
I just had a William Wallace Portrait(woad included)portrait tattooed on my leg by a prominate french Tattoo artist,sure its a little extreme but then again wearing woad to a battle in the 14 century was also. I hope there are still people intrested in BH. I have seen the move around 12 times and each time it seems to get better.
Thanks for the opportunity to share my BH feelings.Long Live WW, Steven, Murron, Hamish (I really enjoyed the outstanding acting of the bad guys also)Take Care.

Amy Shaw ... 12 times
I have seen Braveheart about 12 times, but I am anticipating seeing it much more in the next 2 weeks as I have a project on Braveheart due on May 12. I am in a Film class at the University of New Hampshire and as I already have an interest in Scottish history (my family is very Scottish) I have decided to concentrate on comparing the movie to the real history.

Mikshannon ... 11 times
I personally have attended ELEVEN showings of the movie BRAVEHEART. It is still playing here in Missouri, I might go see it again it was so good!!!!!

Joe Milczewski ... 11 times
I am proud to say that I have seen Braveheart 11 times. I am not ashamed to say that tears fell during almost all of these viewings. Thanks.

Melis43194 ... 11 times
i have seen it 11 times in the theater and once on video.

Andrew J. Wroblewski ... 11 times
I saw Braveheart 11 times, including 3 times in one day last Saturday. Boy did I eat a lot of popcorn that day!

Gregory Pulsifer ... 11 times

I must say I really enjoyed your work with braveheart, And I am really pleased that other people out there enjoy the epic as much as I do. While I've seen the movie 11 times, it is no match for 79. Wow, now that is a lot. But, if you want you can add my name to the list, I think that would be pretty cool.
Again, thank you for the hours of pleasure, I will be visiting again
Gregory Pulsifer

Pam ... 11 times
Braveheart Rules!!!

I've seen Braveheart at least 11 times(it would be more, but the video is never in long enough for me to make it more. I loved every aspect of the movie. Of course it would have been better if William Wallace didn't die, but if it was what it took for Scotland's victory,I guess well what can you do. Watching the Oscars I felt so nervous as if I had anything to do with it. Despite what the critics felt about the outcome, I'm very happy. I think it's a movie that needed to be seen.

Way to go Scotland!
Pam(from the U.S)

Ryan MacDonald ... 11 times
Hello. I have watched Braveheart (the greatest movie ever made) 11 times total. I am actually watching it now as I type (12th time). I watched it four times at the theater and 7+ times at home on laser disk. Add my name to the list.
Ryan MacDonald of Santa Cruz
Aren't you glad that they didn't pick the crappy Apollo 13 or Babe.??

Stuart Kenney ... 11 times
We have seen braveheart 11 times since April and we will see it many more times. Its the best movie I have ever seen.

Katherine Koger ... 11 times
Congratulations on your Braveheart website, it is fantastic. I am a huge fan of Braveheart - I have seen it a total of 11 times. I have the soundtrack which I listen to continuously at home and in the car.

My last name before I was married was Anderson, hey what a coincidence -you are over in Scotland and I am in Melbourne, Australia. Hence, my family (on both my mum and dad's) come from either Scotland, Ireland and England. Like a lot of Australians!!

Cynthia Evans ... 11 times
I've seen Braveheart eleven times now and am getting ready to view it again. This film will never be old as it has something new to say every time I watch it.

Thank you for the oportunity to share with other faithful friends.

SILLYBALES ... 11 times
I've seen it about 11 times.

Henry Clunn ... 10+ times
Hello to all at MacBraveHeart.
What a great site you have. My wife and I have watched "Braveheart" many times - probably over 10 times - and we never fail to be moved by the movie.  I regret to say that I did not know the story of William Wallace, before the movie was made and, as a result of the film, we are now planning a visit to Stirling and surrounding areas in September.
Someone mentioned to me that a video exists called (I think this is correct), "William Wallace's Stirling" - or perhaps "The Stirling of William Wallace".  I wanted to get hold of a copy before we travel up to Stirling.  The video is excellent I have heard.  Do you by any chance know where we might obtain a copy?
Once again thanks for a terrific web site. Dorothy and I visit the sight regularly now that we are online.
Best wishes
Henry Clunn
July 2002

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